Смола для 3D дизайнерів

Ми з гордістю представляємо фотополімерну смолу AMD-3, спеціально розроблену для 3D-друку моделей та мініатюр на 3D-принтерах: Anycubic Photon, Frozen,
Epax X1, Elegoo Mars тощо.
by. Smile Energy Group

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Придбайте нашу смолу для тривимірного друку об'ємом 250 мл з можливістю протестувати її протягом 100 днів, Ми впевнені, що ви оціните її або ми повернемо вам повну вартість товару.

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3D Смола
швидкого застигання
для мініатюр
3D смола для стоматологічних моделей
швидкої полімеризації
3D Смола швидкого застигання
для мініатюр настільних ігор
Studio of Dental Architecture
Alexandr Kostyrya
I liked AMD-3 resin for its quality and capabilities that open up when using it. Fast polymerization, low shrinkage, good finalization, all this gives an excellent result when working with it!
Titan Forge Miniatures
Romek Łakomiak
We print our models using TGM-7 Tabletop Gaming Resin. This resin offers the ultimate solution for 3D printing tabletop models.
Konstantinos Martinos
Using AmeraLabs AMD-3 resin was paramount to achieving faster prints with stellar quality, optimal for our detailed models and high quality photography
White Werewolf Tavern
Nikolai Iakoubenia
Out of all the resins available on the market right now, Ameralabs AMD-3 was a no-brainer. The price is justified by the incredible quality. Every tiny detail gets captured. The faster print times make printing with it a blast. This should be a go to resin for everyone!'
3D Minis Factory
Benjamin Nardelli
We wanted to offer the best quality to our customers. After several tests of different resins it was clear that the TGM-7 from AmeraLabs was what our customers deserved. Detailed, unbreakable, flexible, and easy to work with.
Excellent Minis
Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Weiß
We have tested over 400 resins in the last 4 years and we haven't found a better resin than TGM-7 that works on LCD and DLP printers and provides this quality and durability at the same time for an affordable price. Stop breaking and reprinting your miniatures today. Use tried and tested exposure times and print effortlessly.
Ritual Casting
Ben Douglas
While Ameralabs AMD-3's ability to capture every tiny detail I put into my work is nothing short of astounding, it is the reliability and repeatability of this resin that keeps me coming back for more. Amazing customer service is just the cherry on top of what has become my resin of choice.'
The Giant's Tower
David Sciberras
We've shifted all our resin printers to this resin. Works great on all DLP printers, 4k/2k, mono or not. Great detail achievable, lovely depth to the models.

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